Restoration of Body Natural Functions with Mishin Coils [the D’Arsonval Method: General Recommendation]


The cause of the disease, basically, is the imbalance of cellular vibrations. And the struggle between healthy cells and pathogens, in the form of bacteria and viruses, is a “war of vibration-radiation”. If the vibrations of microbes are stronger, then the vibrations of healthy cells are disturbed, becoming chaotic and “painful”. When cellular vibration ceases, the cell dies. If the vibration of the cell takes precedence over the vibration of the pathogen, the microbe dies.

In order to return health to a diseased cell, it is necessary to return to it the natural frequency of oscillation using artificial external radiation. Our biological life is now placed in an environment where there are constant pulsations from all of our devices that continuously affect molecular structures. Many looped molecular structures are not amenable to medical treatment due to their increased “strength.”

Mishin generator acts on the body implosion, high frequency electrostatic field. The physiological field of electrostatic implosion affects the tissue in such a way that in the latter polarization of charged particles and the induction of weak eddy currents occur. As a result of this process, complex physicochemical transformations occur in the cells — the tissues become slightly warm, resulting in a calming effect on the central nervous system. If there are deviations from the norm in the body, then the energy of this body will be changed.

Coils-capacities: the torus and the disk, have different properties if to talk about their effects on organs.

The disk coil restores the central nervous system and vital body functions. It is also a marker of health status, as it reveals a deviation in certain organs, causing changes in sensations (tingling, burning, etc.)

The toroidal coil (torus), inhibits the pathogenic flora and other foreign structures in the body, and contributes to their removal from it.

The alternate effect of medical coils, on living tissue, leads to therapeutic effects, and ultimately leads to the restoration of the natural functions of the body.

The principal differences of Mishin coil from other therapies:

Natural Remedy
  1. Reduces the time to restore the body in the treatment of diseases.
  2. Absolutely harmless to the body.
  3. The impact on any pathological focus, and therefore recovery in the treatment of a wide range of diseases of the human body, because any condition can be treated by the body itself.
  4. The absence of complications.
  5. Almost no contraindications, except for the presence of a pacemaker.
  6. Lack of age restrictions.
  7. Lack of addiction.
  8. The possibility of use in the absence of other methods of treatment.
  9. The possibility of combining with other methods of influence on the body.
  10. Easy to use (in almost any conditions).

The therapeutic effects of Mishin coil on the human body

Anti-pain effect  (By improving blood circulation, removing edema from the peripheral nerve, improving mediator exchange).

Anti-inflammatory effect (As a result of the work of the apparatus, the regulatory system mobilizes the body’s defenses against viruses, bacteria and other pathogens. Due to this action, the device is successfully used both in local inflammatory processes (boils, carbuncles, hydradenitis, suppurative wounds, and others), and in various infectious diseases (acute respiratory infections, influenza, angina, inflammatory diseases of the bronchi, lungs, heart, urogenital system, viral hepatitis) and others).

Antiallergic effect (As a result of the work of the apparatus in the body, the production of biochemical substances is activated, which liquefy the patient’s increased sensitivity to food and other allergens. This allows its use in any allergic diseases).

Mishin coil working principles

Immunoregulatory effect (The use of the device is indicated for any decrease in the body’s defenses: in frequently and long-term sick children, with prolonged bronchitis and pneumonia, prolonged diarrhea, recurrent and chronic parasitic helminthic diseases, difficult to treat infections of the reproductive (genital) system and others).

Vascular effect (The vascular tone is normalized, hemodynamics improves, microcirculation is activated: due to the removal of vascular spasm, the capillary bed opens).

The effect of the normalization of metabolic processes: protein, fat, carbohydrate, mineral by improving the functions of the kidneys, skin, sweat glands, lungs, liver, endocrine glands.

Antipyretic effect (Effective to reduce high body temperature with any disease).

The effect of the destruction of stones in the biliary tract and kidney (Due to the restoration of self-regulating processes in the body, the normal biochemical composition of bile and urine, and their anti-littogenicity, is restored).

Hemostatic and Tissue Healing (This effect allows you to use the device as an emergency first aid and first aid for injuries and bleeding, if the latter require the application of a tourniquet, as well as for the treatment of fresh wounds that do not heal trophic ulcers of any nature for a long time, erosions and ulcers of the stomach, duodenal ulcer, thin and thick guts).

Mishin generator and diseases treated naturally

Resuscitation effect (The device is successfully used for loss of consciousness, fainting, shock, acute cerebrovascular accident, an attack of bronchial asthma, hypertensive crisis, alcoholic and narcotic poisoning and other emergency conditions in pre-medical and first medical aid).

Cosmetic effect (Normalization of the hormonal status, improvement of thermodynamics and trophism of the skin allows for the correction of problem areas and the prevention of skin aging).

General recommendations

ATTENTION! The impact is carried out lying down or sitting in a comfortable position, freeing from the clothing areas of the body that are to be exposed.

Sessions are to be conducted once a day. In case of acute pathology, to continue exposure by the apparatus as needed until the complaint substantially diminishes or disappears.

The course can be from 1 to 10 sessions, and in some cases up to 20 or more sessions (cuts, paralysis, muscle atrophy, etc.). The reaction of the body and the restoration of lost functions are taken into account.

The average session duration can be:

The first year of life –  5-10 minutes;

1-3 years -15-20 min;

3-5 years -20-25min;

Older than 5 years -25-40 min;

Adults -25-60 min.

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