Vortex Medicine and Mishin Generator that Treats All Diseases: Viruses, Infection, Cancer, etc.

Mishin Coil /Viruses Treatment

Any virus, such as a papilloma virus, for instance, in the body can be removed by a coil. What frequency is better to use?

The coil is not adjustable. There are all frequencies, but there is not a single frequency allocated.

With the coils, you can treat viruses. It takes 1-2 days to cure. The coil boosts immunity and therefore helps the body overcome even chronic viral diseases. Genetic even. If there is a looped structure – the coil removes it.

Mishin coil/ worm infections

Surely, you checked how the coil affects the microflora and microfauna of human life. Comment on this question.

What can I say. Yes, under the influence of the coil the gastrointestinal tract rids of all the bad stuff. With cancer, for instance, mucus with a very unpleasant smell begins to appear. Also your stomach may be upset for a while. Experimenting on cats, I managed to rid a cat of worms. I did not expect this. These small worms (I don’t remember what they are called) that are about 2 cm long, and the cat began to get rid of them literally on the second day. I was in shock. That is, it is necessary to separate good and bad flora. Those things that are not digested in the stomach are bad for us. And if they are not digested in acid, then they are superstable. They have a different structure. It turns out that the coil affects everything that is negative for us.  

Mishin Coils / Asthma Cure

There were questions asked about Parkinson and asthma. Regarding Parkinson, unfortunately, there is no data. Regarding asthma, I had a case with a child. Two days and the kid was healthy. At least the parents called and said that everything was fine. That was a month ago.

Mishin Coils / Diabetes Treatment

There are a lot of questions about diabetes. It all depends on the specific case of a person. For instance, there was a case when a person with sugar 9.5-10 returned to normal 5.5 on the 4th day of the treatment with the coil. Moreover, he did not even believe his eyes. However, there are also cases that concern people who are insulin-dependent. What happens when insulin interacts with sugar? Insulin does not destroy sugar; it simply surrounds sugar crystals, blocks them and precipitates them into the body. Most often, this dramatically leads to obesity. This is where something very interesting happens. When exposed to a static coil, this insulin that does not work correctly in the body  is destroyed together with sugar.  In the beginning of the treatment the level of sugar may increase for a short period of time. It happens because sugar is released. So that’s an interesting thing – not all insulin is useful. The molecules may work incorrectly and contribute to the formation of fat. The dynamics of treatment diabetes  is positive. Some people get scared because sugar starts to grow. In such cases, you need to monitor your condition a little once or twice a week. The main thing here is not to overdo it.

Mishin Coils/ Arthrosis Treatment

Question: a person experiences starting arthrosis of the knee joint due to trauma, constant pain during physical exertion, can the coil help? We begin to work from the hip, because the problem begins in the hip joint and below. In principle, it all depends on the neglect of the disease and stage, but starting arthrosis should be cured very quickly. Every third person has a problem with blood flow. This is what I explained when the vortices we do not need create the usual pressure of the vortex rotation of blood in the veins. Just if this is removed, there is a rapid restoration of blood supply to the limbs.

Mishin Coils/ Getting Rid of Old Scars

It’s interesting to find out if an old scar can also be removed with the help of the coil. I can say so. I’ve also noticed changes in the morphology of the body when using a coil, even with small surgical stitches a positive tendency is noticed. However, this process takes longer. That is, when it comes to a fresh surgical stitch, healing is very fast. This also applies to fractures. By preventing the formation of scar tissue, we very quickly allow normal tissue to grow. This is related to the physics of processes.

What Works Better – Torus or Flat Coil

When working with which coil was the healing effect initially seen – the torus? What is the advantage of Tesla coil by Alexander Mishin?

The difference between a flat coil and a torus, I have also explained. At first, I started using torus. Then I analyzed the flaws of the torus and made a flat coil. Replaced the torus with a more efficient coil.


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