About Vortex Medicine

The vortex theory of Ether, begun by Nikola Tesla, has found practical use in our days. We bring to your attention the unique device of prophylaxis and health improvement of the organism at the energy-information level - the therapeutic coils of Alexander Mishin.

About the Device

The work of the device is based on the discovery of the research by physicist Alexander Mishin, who discovered the appearance of electrostatic fields and ether currents at the resonant frequency in the circuit consisting of two parallel windings that are not closed together.

About Diseases and Treatment

Over the past decades, there has been a sharp increase in all possible pathologies of the internal organs of a human body, the intensive development of cancer and other deadly diseases, which traditional medicine can’t cure.

Innovative technology

Health is the most valuable thing a person has. When you get sick, you have two ways: to buy questionable drugs and to feed the pharmaceutical business, or to create conditions under which the body will recover without pills.

We all know the problem of traditional medicine: it is expensive, and many diseases are not cured.

Today we have a solution, that is Vortex medicine  and  Mishin’s generator.

On our website, we constantly collect the latest feedbacks on the technology of vortex medicine from all over the Internet. Read the comments of people who have cured various diseases with the help of Mishin’s generator.



For everyone who wants to make the device at home, we are happy to provide detailed information on how it can be done. If you have the right equipment and necessary knowlenge, please, press the button on your right.