About Mishin Coil

mishin-generator-vortex-medicineThe vortex theory, begun by Nikola Tesla, has found practical use in our days. We bring to your attention the unique device of prophylaxis and health improvement of the organism at the energy-information level – the therapeutic Mishin coil.

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About Diseases and Mishin Coil

generator_mishinMishin coil treats many diseases including cancer, biabetes, polycystic ovary syndrome, prostatitis, etc. We offer recommended time of sessions and methods of treatment for different diseases.

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How to Use Mishin Coil

Concepts-of-Mishin-Coil-operationThe device is very easy to use. Everyone can use it at home any time there is such a need. All you need is to plug in Mishin coil and start your treatment.

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Health is the most valuable thing a person has. When you get sick, you have two ways: to buy questionable drugs and to feed the pharmaceutical business, or to look for nature medicine to create conditions under which the body will recover naturally without pills.

Mishin generator for a healthy family

That is why we all always try to look for only nature remedies and alternatives to traditional methods of treatment. We all know the problem of traditional medicine: it is expensive, and many diseases are not cured. Today we have a solution, that is vortex medicine  and  Mishin coil. It is a wonderful alternative to ineffective drug therapy, chemotherapy and radiation.

Vortex technologies and the discovery of Alexander Mishin

Mishin Alexander is Russian scientist, theoretical physicist, who highlighted his prominent scientific discovery of the so-called “vortex medicine”.  It’s a new direction in medicine which can be understood as a traditional and alternative medicine binder. He is a developer of absolutely unique principles of influence on an energy field created by living organisms, both on the body and on individual organs, as well as cells and tissues.

Alexandr Mishin

This effect heals, and a human body is restored to its originally healthy state. Mishin coils have already helped thousands of people around the world.  Alexander Mishin unveiled the information about the coils in 2016, saying that he accidentally made the discovery while studying Tesla‘s technology.  At first he tried the coils on himself and his loved ones, and then he gave out the information about the discovery so that people could get acquainted and produce the coils by themselves. Such people named the coils to honor Mishin.

A human being, in addition to the physical body, has 5 more subtle bodies: astral (emotions, imagination), mental (thoughts, mind), mental, (intuition), karmic and spiritual. These bodies in the field of vortex medicine, are called vortex bodies or simply vortices. Hence we have the name Vortex Medicine. The impact on the vortex body leads to its harmonization and purification from elements alien to it. Our physical body repeats the vortex and also returns to normal.

How Mishin coil works

By influencing affected by a disease  areas  Mishin coil destroys harmful cells of the disease and in such a way Mishin generator heals the body from incurable diseases.


The main principle of influence of Mishin coil is depicted in the vortex dynamics of the inventor. In a few words, the coil is designed to influence and distroy large aggregates of cells, large pathogenic organisms, biopolymers, fungi etc.

The thing is that strictly speaking, we have two forms of life. One of them is normal for us and is based on helical DNA formations, as well as the same DNA, but closed on themselves. This comes from the harmful effects of the environment, such as: radio-magnetic radiation, toxic substances in food, etc. These loopback formations behave aggressively in relation to other cells and multiply rapidly. Thus, pathological formations are formed. The alternating electrostatic field formed by the coil breaks the cancer cells, the looped viruses.

Its action is based on the use of electrostatics. Voltage 24 is applied to the coil with a frequency of 300 kilohertz. Imposing this, as well as the coils and disks of Mishin of a different form, on different places of our body, we are cured of so many diseases. The principle of this therapeutic: the impact of an alternating, electrostatic field on the sore spots. Here it is called Mishin vortex medicine.

The alternating electrostatic field is created by an electronic device. Why does the device treat? Any virus, bacterium is a looped formation. Such an object cannot be destroyed by direct exposure to electric current. It needs a ring effect, the so-called standing waves. Mishin coil creates rotation of the electric field and creates a mode of standing waves. As a result, the density of ring-shaped formations changes and they break up into components. In the human body, this happens only with loopholes formations.

Imposing the coils and Mishin disks on different places of our body, we recover from so many chronic diseases. Mishin’s coil cures such diseases that science is considered incurable.

Diseases treated with Mishin coil  

Mishin coil is an electronic device designed to cure many human diseases and is a wonderful alternative for cancer treatment as well as many other illnesses. Many people have already used Mishin  disks and got positive results. The list of the diseases treated with this alternative medicine remedy:

Mishin generator and diseases treated naturally

– oncology (cancer)

– arrhythmias, dystonia, heart disease

– allergies and fungi, other skin problems,

– diabetes alternative treatment,

– morgelons, headache, astma,

sinus infection natural treatment,

– padagra,  varicosity, blood pressure,

– pancreatitis,  arthritis,  anemia,  cramps,

– spine,  chronic problems,  knees,  joints,

– liver and gall bladder, etc.

The complete list of diseases and their treatment sessions with Mishin’s generator you can find here.

Mishin coil can also:

1) Heal plants;

2) Accelerate seeds’ growth;

3) Treat animals;

4) Remove drug addiction (only habit remains): nicotine, alcoholic, caffeine, etc.

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