On our website, we constantly collect the latest feedbacks on the technology of vortex medicine from all over the Internet. Read the comments of people who have cured various diseases with the help of Mishin’s generator.

Alexander Mishin: There were lichens on a cat, about 2х3 cm, 2 treatment sessions for 15 minutes a day, the skin became soft, after 3-4 days it was already pink, now it has been 2 weeks already and the skin is healthy again.

Arthur: I had acute pancreatitis, ached heavily in the left side under the heart, also in the back and in front of the abdomen. On the first day of exposure, 275 kc of SDMA, I became sicker, the next day the pain did not go away and I had to drink painkillers. I continued to put the torus for 40 minutes 2 times a day 285 kc. On day 3, I continued to put it in the morning and in the evening for 40 minutes. In the afternoon SDMA – 40 min. On the 4th day the pain became a little stronger. I tried not to eat much. The urine did not darken but the smell was very smelly. Today on the 5th day I am feeling great.

Vladimir Khamayko: yesterday after using the electrode welding without taking security measures, I ran home in an hour, turned on the generator with a torus, used it for 5 minutes on each eye very closely directed and held, after half an hour repeated the procedure, as well as on the kidneys, (used the torus), this taking into account sores left me and I was very struck by the fact that there was no inflammation of the cornea, I slept peacefully, like a baby. Thank you very much. You saved me from terrible tortures.

Demon13 Demyanovskiy: After the use of the device I stopped drinking coffee, although earlier I could have had a few mugs per day. Ask yourself how coffee and tea affect the body, and after receiving an answer, you will no longer want coffee or tea. I used to be coffee addicted. TDMA stopped this dependence once and for all.

Victor: yesterday I injure my back, I dragged the furniture. Pain was tolerable, but it was pretty bad. Used the device in the region of the waist for 1 hour and it did not help. In the evening I used the torus and generator g3-112 half an hour to the same place, the pain instantly departed, almost forgot about the pain in the lower back.

Kern Anna: According to the pumping scheme, it really helps. The scheme in minutes started with the chest between the nipples, then below the navel at a width of 2 fingers. We alternate. 10-10-20-20-10-10 at least 2 times a day, it’s better to use it 3 times. I did it almost for a week; I had an ache, now I am feeling healthy. The cough has passed, lymphonoduses have practically gone away, but the back is punched by a straight backbone. So I can easily offer this scheme

Kern Anna: My son had a spike on his leg. I did it three times, it was an eerie sight, it seemed as though the roots had let out black, and it became clear. He used the torus. Yesterday he showed it to me and it was clean!!!

Nikolai Jester_Slot: You would all be in discussion (((On the case – my eyesight improves, I will soon go to the doctor to run some tests, my wife’s health has also strengthened, my grandfather got help with pain in his legs, my uncle too is enthusiastic .. In general, all relatives are interested … There are effects … It’s a good thing … I beg you not to muddle anyone in the conversations between Mishin and Badanov.

Nikolai Jester_Slot: Alexander Mishin is a magician! And many thanks for his efforts! I begin my story)) I do not even remember how I came across a video with Alexander and downloaded his manuals on making DMA. There were a lot of doubts; loved ones thought I was crazy. But I, sometimes sitting out in silence, continued to follow the recommendations and still made the DMA and ordered the Togliatti Generator. Later I made a self-made generator on the recommendation of Denis. After several days of experiments on my body I became convinced that this technology is helpful and I started to advise it to my relatives. Grandfather removed the infernal pain in his legs in a matter of minutes)) Some of them noticed improvement in vision, some began to sleep after years of insomnia, others stopped to suffer from nasal congestion. In general, the effect is evident. But the person for whose sake I was doing all this was my three-year-old son! At his age of 3.5 years, he was sick no less than half. A little draft is enough to make him stay in a hospital bed for a fortnight. So, I will continue. The day before yesterday, we went to the store in the evening in the rain, it was cool. Naturally, he snuffled his nose at night. In the morning my wife was no longer in the mood and agreed to apply the device to our son. Even with full confidence in the effect of vortex medicine, the excitement was great. A couple of minutes of the middle disk near the face, then put a large coil (DMA) on the chair and the son sat for 10 minutes on it. Waited, worried, and after about half an hour my son blew his nose. And that was it! As if nothing had happened to make him sick !!!!! There was no limit to happiness. Today we have been with him almost all day in the street, playing! You cannot even imagine what kind of feeling overwhelms me! After all, this is a real opportunity to avoid unnecessary devices of incomprehensible medicines, all nebulizers for the nose, drops of vasoconstrictor. I am grateful to Alexander and everyone who helped him !!! DMA is working !! So many times went to a dead end in search, but here – believe it or not, all the same DMA makes the body cure sores))) So do not hesitate – do it, try it, it will work out !!! Thank you all again !!!!

Alexandr Mishin: My son, 13 years old, needed about a month to sleep with a large flat coil to defeat allergies. One-time works by torus and different disks produced a very weak effect. With the beginning of flowering of trees and plants this year snot began, although before that I periodically left him to sit 30-40min with reels. In the past year, the rejection of anti-allergens was not possible, there was a strong irritation of the mucous eyes, redness around the nose and lips and stuff. Right now it can already be said that everything went fine, just a little snot suffered at the initial stage.

Lyudmila Spivakova: I already wrote earlier that my husband had oncology, after using pain medications, bilirubin was very elevated, it was just lemon color, now it is pink, no pain, the mood is excellent. The flat coils are made of PTVV-0.46mm wire, 310kHz, 330kHz, 285kHz torch, large 300kHz flat coil, the G6-27 generator is taken from the SEAN generator, gives a voltage of 11V, with an implosion on the coil of 300kHz, voltage 10V, resistance current 1 Om 319Ma (900 MW peak-peak), power 3,19 W;

My husband also made a homemade generator based on the generator from SEAN, replacing the chip with TL-082, the sine became noticeably better. Now six generators have been made, TMA and DMA were distributed between relatives and we have already received positive results. My sister (78 years) after two weeks of application on kidneys and on a thyroid gland (here a problem) pressure, has ceased to take pills which she drank every day and she has started to sleep all the night long, before that it was 2-3 hours and till the morning she did not sleep. There are no changes on the thyroid gland yet. Thank you very much to Alexander Mishin and other people who helped us in February 2016. And now vortex medicine works in Almaty.

Alexander Zeltkevich: I have been using Mishin’s technology on myself for the 4th month, but I strictly observe the rule: 30 minutes a day and every other day. The coil is mostly good. With a cold, I put it on my throat and my chest. Thor is good for chondrosis, but not for long (3 months of use, there are improvements but small ones). The general state of the body has improved noticeably. No pain in the joints and muscles, in the male line a noticeable improvement. My nerves are calmer (I’m a teacher). Noticed an improvement in memory. The mobility of the joints has increased. Someone wrote that their feet stopped smelling badly, I also confirm this. By purely subjective sensations, I feel 30 years younger.

Max K. (Krakow): I bought the coil for my mom; she is 73 and had problems with her back pain.  She used a capacitive coil putting it on her neck for 20-30 min once a day. In 3 weeks she felt a huge relief and now she has no complaints. She also has been using the torus to treat her varicose veins. So far the result is very good. She started the sessions about 2 weeks ago (10 min – a torus on the places with the varicose veins); and now veins have smoothed out and cyanosis is much less expressive.

Frank. S. (Hannover): I’ve been using a static coil since June 2018 and my experience is very positive. During these months I have used the coil to rid of diabetes type 2 (a static coil – 30-40 min every day on my pancreas for about 2 months), the flue (a static coil - 30 min on my throat twice a day), problems with my joints (a static coil – 30 min on my joints (knees’ area) for about a month) and prostatitis (a static coil for 30 min every day for 3 weeks). It worked out for me very well.

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