Getting the Device Ready for the Treatment Session

  • Connect the coil (a wooden round disk) into the autogenerator sine. You should plug the coil into a red socket (on the picture it is named “ВЫХОД СИГНАЛА”).
Picture 1. the sine autogenerator
  • Connect the device power supply with the sine autogenerator using the socket for power connection shown on the Picture 2
Picture 2
    • Plug the device into a 220 volt outlet. When you do that two LED indicators will appear on the panel of the device: the red LED indicates the presence of power, the green LED lights up when the coil is connected and indicates that the device is ready for being used.


Picture 3

Treatment Sessions:

1) Remove all metal products (chains, rings, etc.) and put all metal products away. (especially closed jewelry such as chains, bracelets, etc. If a necklace is worn on the neck, the coil action will not reach the head.

2) Before the session, drink one glass of water.

3) Put a coil on the organ you are treating (e.g. like in a video attached). You can apply the coils by any side. To increase the effectiveness of a torus or disk on the top of the coil, you can put your hand. All diseases have a closed ring structure. The difference is only in size.

Very coarse coils will work with very small viruses, so we use a torus. There should be at least two coils. This is a flat disk (medium or large) and a torus.

With the full coincidence of the phases (voltage and current) of the signal supplied by the generator to the coil, we physically get a standing wave, when the phases shift, it starts to rotate like a “fan”. Up to 90 degrees of phase shift implosion processes occur in the coils, which benefit us.

It also occurs with an increase in the frequency, higher than the operating frequency of the coil (the processes in the ES harmonics are implosion), and when the frequency of the harmonics decreases, they emit radiation, and the radiation around us is already full. At 90 degrees, the rotation speed will be maximum and the flow merges into a ring.

4) Time of the session depends on the disease you are treating. Overdoing in treatment is not necessary. Sessions should last up to 15-60 minutes a day or every other day (according to the sensations). To help the kidneys remove toxins (and they are usually clogged in all) we act on each kidney a torus every day for 10 minutes.

Up to 60-90 minutes of the coil (torus or disk) operation per day is sufficient for the sore removal process. The main thing is not to “overdose”, so that the body has time to regenerate and remove toxins.

The speed of recovery depends on several factors:

1) Resources of the body: how much illnesses have worn out the life support system.

2) Locations of a patient. We live in an environment with constant pulsation from electrical devices: mobile phones, tablets, computers, cell towers. These pulsations are the cause of many diseases. Therefore, the process of recovery is better to start outside the city, where the sources of such pulsations are less.

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